Frequently Asked Questions

Why couldn't you analyse my email?

There are a variety of reasons why we may not have been able to create a climate impact report based on your forwarded email:

  • Unsupported email formatting: We could not find the flight details in your email. This may be because the providers formatting may have changed recently or we have yet to support it. If you encounter this issue start a chat or email to let us know.
  • Language: We may not support the language your flight booking confirmation is written in.
  • Unsupported email: We did not recognise your email as a flight booking confirmation.
  • Unsupported vendor: Your forwarded email was from a provider that we currently do not support.

We'd appreciate it if you could report any email problems you encounter so we can look into them further. To do so simply start a chat or email us. Thanks!

How can you prove my money is going towards projects that compensate for emissions?

We only support Gold Standard VER (Verified Emission Reduction) projects that provide high-quality carbon offsetting but they also help developing countries, delivering additional benefits to communities in need.

We also keep a public ledger of all carbon offsets purchased which includes proof of purchase.

How is my flight climate compensation cost calculated?

The cost of compensation is determined by taking the estimated emissions in CO2e, multiplying it by the cost of the equivalent amount of Gold Standard carbon offsets, and adding a small margin (20%) and transaction fee ($0.70). The markup and transaction fee are necessary for us to cover our operating costs and invest in growing AirCare.

How do you calculate the carbon emissions of my flight?

We take the total distance travelled, number of passengers and passenger class and calculate how many kg of C02e have likely been emitted based on your flight criteria.

How do you calculate the equivalent distance driven in a car?

We use data published by the United States Environmental Protection Agency on the emissions of an average passenger in the US. We take the estimated emissions of your trip and calculate how far a car is likely to have driven to emit the same amount.

How do you calculate the sea ice melt caused by my flight?

Our calculation is based on research by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) which is part of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES). They have estimated that 3 square meters of summer sea ice disappears in the Arctic for every metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) that a person directly or indirectly produces.

We take the total CO2e emissions of your flights and apply their calculation to give you an idea of the likely climate impact of your flights.

How can get a refund?

If you'd like to be refunded a payment made to compensate for your flights climate impact please get in touch via email.

Why did you create AirCare?

Check out our about page to learn why.

How can I contact you?

You can chat to us at anytime by pressing the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Alternatively you can email us.