The easiest way to compensate for the climate impact of flying

The effects of living lifestyles which require harmful amounts of greenhouse gas to be emitted into our atmosphere is becoming more and more apparent. Earth’s climate is breaking down and we are the cause.

However just as we choose to live this way, we can choose not to. We can make changes that help prevent further damage to the planet.

Many of us are already well aware of what we can change to reduce our own carbon footprint and live a more sustainable life. We can live with less, choose renewable energy providers and reduce our meat intake. We can choose to ride a bike or take the train when we need to travel locally. These choices can be made with relative ease. There are alternatives for most carbon-emitting activities, most of us just need to find the will power to sacrifice a little and augment our lifestyles for the benefit of the planet.

However, there is one choice that many struggle to find a green alternative to — Air Travel.

The elephant in the room

Flying currently accounts for 2.5% of global emissions. While this only accounts for 11% of our combined travel emissions, it’s the one mode of transport unlikely to see changes anytime soon that reduce its footprint, in fact, it’s emissions are on track to more than double by 2040. Unfortunately, commercially available electric planes are likely decades away and pigs will fly before any country starts closing its airports.

So the choice is very much with individuals and businesses. Keep flying as normal, or choose to reduce time spent in the air. The trouble is only a fraction of humanity is even aware of the climate impact of flying.

Introducing AirCare

AirCare was created to make it as simple as possible for anyone to learn the climate impact of a flight. We want to help people understand what choosing to fly means for the environment. Armed with this knowledge we’re making it easier than ever to make up for the climate impact of a flight you’ve already booked by contributing to Gold Standard carbon offsetting projects — starting with Planting Biodiverse Forests in Panama.

In addition, we’re shining a light on the alternative choices you can make in order to avoid unnecessary air travel.

How it works

Simply forward a flight booking confirmation email to That’s it! AirCare will analyse your email and send you back a climate impact report seconds later. You’ll get to see the carbon emissions of your travel, the cost to make up for it and alternatives for future.

The road ahead

AirCare was originally created by Brendan Loudermilk and Steven Hylands as an entry to the world’s first online hackathon to help fix the climate — The Climate Fixathon.

In August 2020, AirCare was purchased by Matt Lindsay.

We want to make AirCare the best possible tool to help people change their air travel habits for the better of the planet. If you have a suggestion please email us or use the chat button 👉, we’d love to hear your ideas!