Are you attending a conference?

Conferences can be great experiences, they get lots of like-minded people from far and wide together in one place where they can share and learn from each other.

But to attend a conference people need to travel and many attendees will choose the most harmful travel method for the environment — air travel.

A conference is a luxury experience and for most unnecessary travel. Before you decide to travel by air to an event, take a moment to calculate the impact your flights will have on the climate with our free tool. Once you have consider if you can avoid flying and if you must how to minimize your climate impact.

Go and take a look at past conferences that we have worked with to support.

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How can I avoid flying?

Try to only attend events that are local or easily accessible by public transport. You can check sites like Rome2Rio to compare flying to less harmful travel methods such as by train.

For example a flight from Paris to Barcelona emits 21 times more carbon than the same journey by train.

I have to fly to attend. How can I minimize my climate impact?

When you must fly, reduce your impact on the planet by paying to remove an equivalent amount of CO₂ from the atmosphere by supporting projects like the planting of biodiverse forests in Panama.

Are you a conference organizer?

As the organizer of a conference you have created a scenario where many people are traveling to one location from around the world. Have you acknowledged your events climate impact and done everything possible to minimize the environmental footprint?

Partner with us to help raise awareness of the event travel emissions issue amongst your attendees.

Steps to a climate conscious event

  1. Encourage your attendees to travel via low-carbon methods and if they must fly, to compensate for their emissions.
  2. Do everything you can to minimise waste at your event and cut out unneeded merch. Learn more.
  3. Publish and implement a climate code of conduct. You can use this example as a starting point.